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About illumyx™

illumyx™ grew out of 25 years of experience in working on internal cultural drivers and barriers within companies and organizations.  Our proprietary Behavioral Inventory™ tool allows users to see the strengths of their organization and it highlights the challenges to be addressed; all in an intuitive, easy-to-understand visual interface.

Our Behavioral Inventory™ is like a cultural P&L, showing clearly the culture you have, which provides a baseline for improving your culture towards a more engaged, growth-oriented workplace.





We measure your culture. That measurement provides objective data on workplace culture to drive growth oriented strategies in the areas of: organizational alignment, talent retention, and engagement, as well as mergers and acquisition integration.



Working towards your goals, We  customize our technology, so you have clear metrics to assess the strengths of your culture.


Uncover the real issues and opportunities that need attention allowing you to better build the total employee experience.


With known behaviors and practices, take action amplifying strengths to have the greatest impact on your overall culture.