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Culture differentiates your business or organization.  However, in order to go somewhere we must first know where we are.  illumyx™ measures your workplace culture, defining your “where”.  With a clear starting point our visual interface and our dedicated customer support helps whether you are developing a strategy for cultural integration through a merger and acquisition, or you want to focus on developing your workplace culture to improve employee engagement and retention, illumyx™ delivers data driven insights to support your strategy.


behavior assessment


illumyx™ - Behavioral Inventory™

Culture matters.  Having a strong company or organizational culture is a competitive advantage in talent retention and recruitment. The illumyx™ Behavioral Inventory™ identifies and utilizes both your organizational strengths and opportunities in creating a positive employee experience that develops loyal employees, who are your best advocates.

illumyx™, setting the foundation for your change initiative.

Save money by reducing turnover
Create a targeted strategy to improve your company culture
Save time with intuitive insight to action process
Built-in accountability to drive action and results
Dedicated cultural experts lead your team throughout the process
Create a culture that attracts talent