Tips for Spreading Holiday Cheer with Your Team

‘Tis the Season for Employee Appreciation The holidays are a perfect time to say thanks and recognize your employees for their efforts over the past year. But what if you have [...]

Workplace Friendships

For decades we’ve known that workplace friendships have a lot of positive benefits. Think about Gallup, who has been measuring employee engagement with the same 12 questions since the 1990s. [...]

The Corporate Lifecycle: The Golden Age

The Corporate Lifecycle:  The Golden Age In a previous whitepaper, we talked about startups moving towards a state of maturity by going through the phases of Courtship, Infancy, and Go-Go. [...]

The Corporate Lifecycle: Startups

The Corporate Lifecycle:  Startups If you are looking to start a company or launch a new product, then this article is perfect for you. Our previous blog centered around the [...]

Culture Clash: 3 Reasons Why Your M&A is Failing

A few weeks ago, I met with a couple of executives who were in the process of merging their companies.  They talked about how they believe they had done everything [...]

Falling Short: Employee Engagement in America

Engaged employees are awesome. They work hard, have a good attitude, and generally make your organization a better place. Having an engaged workforce is a strong contributor to success. It [...]

Organizational Culture: Google

We’ve seen and heard articles from places like Fortune Magazine, Harvard Business Review and Forbes about the best places to work.  In many of these articles, there’s a high focus [...]

3 Key Takeaways when Benchmarking

I am a runner. As a runner, I think don’t think the majority of us run in order to win, but as a way to better ourselves. To set goals [...]

Branding your Organization

What is your brand? For many, a brand may be viewed as merely a logo or a tagline. But given the countless brainstorming meetings and amount of effort put into [...]

Busyness: What’s the Payoff?

When someone asks us how we are, I’ve noticed that oftentimes, our initial response is “Good — busy” or “Ugh…busy.” Not out of the ordinary, right?  Our lives get scheduled [...]