The Real Cause of Workplace Conflict

As business consultants, we get hired to go into businesses and help identify where there’s conflict and how to resolve those conflicts.  Typically, what we find is that businesses have [...]

Aligning Values in Business

Our values are the core of who we are.  They are composed of our successes, failures, experiences, passion, strengths and fears.  However, there are situations where we find our values [...]

People and Process Integration in Business

A common trend we see with businesses is the emphasis on streamlining processes and making quality improvements in how processes are developed and how they flow. As new initiatives in [...]

The Flawed Business Approach to Conflict Management

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”  — Mark Twain Our culture is set up to focus on behaviors with the hope that by modifying people’s behaviors, we [...]

Workplace Awareness: Social Contracts

As a licensed family and marriage therapist and business consultant, rapport is crucial.  It allows you to connect and dive into conflicts that may be holding people and businesses back. [...]

Retaining is Gaining: Why Organizations Need to Address Employee Retention Issues

Let’s face it — good employees are hard to come by, and in many cases, harder to retain.  In fact, according to the United States Department of Labor, tenured has decreased [...]

Limiting Your Leadership Potential

My father had worked at the same company for 40 years.  He was so dedicated, that he invested everything he had into the company.  When he later died of a [...]

The Biggest Mistake in eNPS Benchmarking

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) can be used to predict the productivity of your company. Studies have shown that a higher eNPS leads to better customer experiences, and thus, creates an [...]

4 Stages of Culture Integration

Change is scary. Whether you’re moving to a new area, starting a new job, or simply taking on more responsibilities. Just like people, companies experience change in a similar way. [...]

The Inefficiency of Dishonesty in Business

People are inherently inefficient. In fact, our inefficiency sparks our desire to find a better way. Take travel for instance. To be able to travel faster, someone invented wheels, and [...]