Tips for Spreading Holiday Cheer with Your Team

Tips for Spreading Holiday Cheer with Your Team

‘Tis the Season for Employee Appreciation

The holidays are a perfect time to say thanks and recognize your employees for their efforts over the past year. But what if you have a lot of employees and limited funds? Does a tight budget leave you feeling more like Scrooge than Santa?

Before you go out and buy lumps of coal for your team, consider a few key points.

  1. Let’s be honest, being nice at the holidays does not make up for being naughty the rest of the year. It doesn’t matter how extravagant the gift, your employees will not feel appreciated if they don’t feel respected. Appreciation should be an every day event, not something you save for under the office tree.
  2. For a gift to be meaningful, it needs to feel personal. That doesn’t mean you have to add every employee to your holiday shopping list and spend hours searching for the perfect gift (no one has time to do that). It’s not as much about what you give, as how you give it. Any gift will be a hit when you take the time to include a note, or better yet, a few moments to thank them personally for their contributions.
  3. Finally, there is no magic number that you have to spend to make someone feel valued. A token of any size will be valued if it comes from the heart! I learned this lesson first hand when I was the CEO of a non-profit organization. Every year our company did things to recognize our employees around the holidays, including giving each employee a gift and hosting an off-site holiday party. While employees surely liked the gifts and parties, the thing I got the most thanks for was the card I sent to every employees’ home with a personal note of appreciation. I was surprised at what an impact this small gesture made. Year after year employees would reach out to me to say how much they liked getting my card. And after a couple years, employees even started sending cards to my home in return.

Remember that the key to impactful appreciation, whether it’s over the holidays or any time, is to make it personal and heartfelt. And much like your culture, appreciation should be driven from the top! So go ahead and don that Santa hat and know that no matter how small your budget, you can make the holidays a little merrier and brighter for your team!

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