Frequently Asked Questions

What is culture?

We define workplace culture as “how work is accomplished.” Illumyx Behavioral Inventory measures culture across both 16 practices and 8 cultural dimensions for a robust and actionable depiction of your unique workplace culture.

Why would I choose illumyx?

Employee engagement surveys are a step in the right direction, but fail to capture the full employee experience. Illumyx Behavioral Inventory is different because:

  1. Values are what makes your company unique, values are how people work together, how your team does what it does, how it gets work done.  Working with your team we customize our Behavioral Inventory around actions and behaviors that represent your team Values.
  2. Behavioral Inventory™ measures your culture across 10 practices and 8 cultural dimensions. This approach has been proven as statistically valid and reliable by the Strategic Research Institute at St. Norbert College.
  3. Behavioral Inventory™ sorts and organizes your results data for you, giving you access to reports and results saving you significant time and administrative costs.
  4. Behavioral Inventory™ has a built in action planning platform recommending behaviors to Start, Stop or Amplify to guide your team toward cultural improvement goals.
  5. The interactive analytics process guides you through your data in a visual and intuitive way, helping you focus on the most immediate needs of your culture.

How long does it take to complete a Behavioral Inventory™?

Set up depends on the customization required and deployment depends on the size of your company and the total employees to survey.  Once deployed, our longer surveys can take 12-15 minutes. Our shorter Quarterly surveys can be taken in as little as 2 minutes.

How secure is my company’s data?

Your company data will be stored and backed up on servers hosted through the Microsoft Azure platform, which is ahead of its competitors in terms of security, according to independent performance testing.

Is there a limit to how many people can take the survey?

No, there is no limit. However, there is a minimum threshold needed for a company to benefit from a Behavioral Inventory™. We currently would not recommend a company with fewer than 30 employees use it.

What kind of support will I receive once I’m set up with Illumyx?

Once your Behavioral Inventory™ is set up, you and your team will have access to your illumyx™ Culture Specialist, who will provide account set-up, training in how to interpret your results, recommendations, and alignment on action steps. Even after your company starts taking action, your illumyx™ Culture Specialist will check in with you every 8 weeks to keep you and your company on the right track.

What if not all of my employees have access to a computer?

Most companies will set up a common workstation and schedule individual time for employees to use that station to fill out the survey. Our surveys can also be taken on mobile devices. If that does not work for your company, paper surveys are available for a nominal fee.

Once the survey is complete, how long will it take to see my results?

After deployment and the results are complied and summarized, we will meet with your team within 2 weeks to review those results.

How does illumyx help improve my organization’s culture?

Our Behavioral Inventory™ identifies the supportive and destructive behaviors of your workplace culture. With known behaviors; division, department, and team patterns become clear. This pin points areas were action and change will be most effective.  An illumyx™ Culture Specialist is with you every step of the way to guide you through action planning to spread positive, productive behaviors throughout your organization.

How do you ensure employee confidentiality and anonymity during this process?

Safety through anonymity and security by confidentiality are essential when participating in a Behavioral Inventory™.  When this happens, employees provide the most direct, honest, and accurate information.  As a result, precautionary guidelines have been set up to protect confidentiality and anonymity.  Specific data will not be shared if there are fewer than five responses in any group, team, or employee category.

Is illumyx® a “one-and-done” process?

Could be, though if you are looking for a quick fix to workplace culture, we may not be a good fit.  We establish a baseline of your workplace culture with an initial Behavioral Inventory™.  This is the beginning of significant culture improvement as behaviors are what change the attitudes that have shown up in your exit interviews, retention concerns (US average is 18%), and engagement surveys.  Our Behavioral Inventory™ is most beneficial to be administered a second time over a multi-year period.  This checkpoint lets you compare your earlier results with later results to measure the lasting impact of your culture initiatives.

How often can the survey be taken?

That depends on how quickly your change initiatives are applied!  We recommend measuring with one full Behavioral Inventory™ every 12 months, with the option of tracking progress with targeted pulse surveys quarterly or as frequently as monthly.  

How do I get started?

At this point you’ve probably tried a few things including using an internal survey system, only to be looking at a spreadsheet of results asking the question “Now what?”  Let our analytics engine and software provide not only usable data, but actionable insights that are prioritized to make the biggest meaningful improvement!  Contact us to schedule a demo.