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"If we didn’t use Illumyx we wouldn’t be as far with our Leadership team and with our growth as an organization. The outcome is that we became more efficient and stronger – not only internally, but also stronger in what we deliver to our client partners. Culture is one of the key ingredients of our organization. Our culture drives our pillars of innovation, having fun and being personally responsible."

Kate Burgess
Owner & CEO

"The focus on values and culture has been a huge part of our transition planning success. Through this process we have captured the essence of our company culture and have a way to communicate and preserve our core values."

Kurt Kloehn
Baisch Engineering

"Illumyx helped us put our culture into action in all facets of our clinic. We have learned that when we have cultural alignment everyone is working in the same manner towards our organization’s vision which is to actively serve our patients and our community."

Debbie Helmle
Director of Human Resources
Green Bay Oncology


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